Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carney: Unemployment Benefits Could Create Up To 1 Million Jobs

calling all business owners. Lay off your staff so we can create jobs.

Just who is this guy?

Apparently, some dems think Obama should change course............

“The president has shown himself unwilling to just dig in on a position,” said Dee Dee Myers, who was Bill Clinton’s White House press secretary. “He’s for jobs. I’ve heard him say that. He’s for being the grown-up in the room. But beyond that, I’m not actually sure what his bottom line is.”

Here's the bottom line. This president, through executive fiat, is using the regulatory power of his government to kill jobs in this country.

Through his minions actions we know this is going to happen.

1) Utility costs for a manufacturing plant are going to sky rocket as a result of EPA regulations. Why build a plant here when you can build it elsewhere and operate it less expensively.

2) NLRB rulings making it easier for employees to organize.

3) Higher taxes.

4) Health care costs that are already inflating benefits costs for employees.

To expand or build a fresh plant here and not abroad is frankly, a dumb business decision.

So let's say the Obamaunists are willing to put a moratorium on all new regulations. Do you think that changes anything?

Absolutely not. No company is going to invest in a 20 million dollar domestic plant knowing that these people are going to kick in regulations 2,3,4 years down the pike. Remember, the full force of Obamacare kicks in the year 2014. If I hire an employee today I have to factor in the increased Obamacare as part of my hiring decision.

Just remember it's about fairness.


Another lib gets the smelling salts

From the Guardian. A paper who is left of Obama on the London riots............
For me, the deepest issue at play here is one of responsibility. Who is responsible for law and order in our nation? Who is responsible for the behaviour of our young people? Can we blame the state when parents have been allowed to abdicate responsibility for the behaviour of their children?

The biggest problem our country has faced over the last two decades is that everyone thinks the government should do everything. Personal responsibility and community responsibility have been replaced by state responsibility. If the riots have shown us anything, it is that this approach does not work.

Politicians have been part of this process, and some on the left may have even encouraged our young people to riot. The liberal intelligentsia encouraged posh kids to protest and riot over student fees – and now poorer kids have joined in and we are all appalled. How can you complain when you supported such activism only a few months ago?

But hey. Isn't it nice to see one of those "poor" kids rioting in a fresh Adidas warmup.


Can these guys do the math?

The US government just borrowed a trillion dollars for this fiscal year that ends 9/30.

Here's a media liberal crying about Obama not increasing taxes on hedge fund managers...........

Obama said he'd go along with spending cuts if the Republicans would agree to some tax hikes. He was negotiating from a position of strength. The Republicans controlled only the House. The Democrats had the White House, the Senate and, more importantly, the people. Poll after poll showed that a majority of Americans favored raising taxes on the wealthy.

But it was Obama who backed down.

This was a fight he could have won. Consider hedge fund managers. On their earnings, they pay at the capital gains rate of 15 percent. According to a story last week in the Toronto Star, the top 25 hedge fund managers took home an average of $880 million last year. According to that same story, closing the loophole for hedge fund managers would save the Treasury $20 billion over 10 years.

$20 Billion? Seriously? The US government just spent 20 billion in the time it takes to read this post. I just ads credence to the point that it's not revenue stupid.

Now I'm not a proponent of capital gains treatment for hedge fund managers. But do you think that am media member might want to ask the question as to why hedge funds are more prominent today than 20 years ago?

It's because of regulation. See a hedge fund is more or less a mutual fund for rich people. But since they're not publicly traded, the funds have much less regulatory mandates.

As a result, rich people escape all the regulatory costs (aka higher returns) that we working stiffs have to pay to invest in your vanilla variety mutual fund.

This writer wishes he would have voted for Billary. He should have considered voting for someone who would created an environment where we can all invest in hedge funds.


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Bridge Cards for college students over

Crystal Clear

A liberal gets the smelling salts

A liberal suggests that maybe Obama wasn't qualified after all.

The most charitable explanation is that he and his advisers have succumbed to a view of electoral success to which many Democrats succumb — that “centrist” voters like “centrist” politicians. Unfortunately, reality is more complicated. Centrist voters prefer honest politicians who help them solve their problems. A second possibility is that he is simply not up to the task by virtue of his lack of experience and a character defect that might not have been so debilitating at some other time in history. Those of us who were bewitched by his eloquence on the campaign trail chose to ignore some disquieting aspects of his biography: that he had accomplished very little before he ran for president, having never run a business or a state; that he had a singularly unremarkable career as a law professor, publishing nothing in 12 years at the University of Chicago other than an autobiography; and that, before joining the United States Senate, he had voted "present" (instead of "yea" or "nay") 130 times, sometimes dodging difficult issues.

Now look, I was never a fan of the Billary. But consider how much better shape this country would be in if it was president.

It's part of why I say that liberals do their candidates no favors by not vetting their candidates appropriately. Liberalism will be set back another generation in this country because the country has witnessed the ineptitude not seen since Jimma Carter.

That's a good thing long term for us.


I remember this from the last tea party rally

So you're up to protesting a social ill in your society and you decide to gather with your brethren and express your disgust by doing this......

This is the shocking moment a young man is apparently forced to hand over all of his clothes after appearing to be stripped naked during lawless riots overnight.

Internet rumours last night claimed that on top of the widespread destruction across London and Birmingham, people were having their clothes removed by looters as police attempted to contain the criminality.

Kind of reminds you of the Dr. King rally in Selma.

See the photos here.....

They could have used some of that tea party terrorism

You may remember Froma Harrop as one of the thousands of journalists last week trumpeting the "tea partiers = terrorist meme".

Her column today is proof evidence that she is a moron. She's highlighting the bankruptcy of Central Falls RI yet can't seem to get the neurons to connect that maybe if there was some tea party terrorism introduced to that city 20 years ago, the city might actually be able to pay their retiree's pensions.............

If any U.S. city was destined to go bankrupt, it was this one -- though Vallejo, Calif., beat it by three years. Like Vallejo, ruinous public-employee contracts sent Central Falls over the edge. Unlike the San Francisco suburb, Central Falls has a smaller, less economically diverse tax base. (The median household income is under $33,520 a year.) Its local government at the time of the bankruptcy filing was far more corrupt than Vallejo's.

On this thin tax base, Central Falls faced an annual deficit of $5 million and unfunded pension obligations of $80 million. For a long time, its police and firefighters could retire on full pensions after only 20 years of service. So even though their monthly payouts were not princely, workers could start collecting them -- and free health coverage for life -- while in their 40s. Bankruptcy lets a city tear up union contracts and start over.

What an idiot. What in the hell do these media types see when they watch news coverage of riots in London and Greece and see municipalities default on their "contracts"with their pensioners? It baffles all common sense and reasoning.


Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Rahn Curve and the Growth-Maximizing Level of Government

Who do you trust?

Yesterday, I happened to be listening to a financial program and, like all things finance, they were addressing the S&P downgrade of US treasury's.

What I didn't know, before Friday's downgrade, there were 13 companies who had corporate bond yields lower than comparable US treasuries. (I'm still looking for some sight that might have that information).

What does that mean? It means that the market place had already decided that US treasuries were already perceived by the money guys as more risky than some of those loathsome corporations.

So the Obamunists can bitch and moan about the downgrade being political. But as I always say. I'm not the smartest guy in the room so I watch what the smart guys are doing and they're not buying up US treasuries and they had already downgraded US debt prior to Friday.