Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life in "Progress" City - Cincinnati edition

As you read this piece, keep this question in the back of your mind. Is it liberal/"progressive" policies that allowed this dirtball on the streets or the backward ways of conservative policies.........

Cincinnati police made a swift arrest Monday, just hours after a 20-year-old man was fatally shot sitting at a bus stop with a child in a stroller at his side.

Police say a teenager with “mental issues” who walked away from a juvenile placement center roughly 130 miles away in Pedro, Ohio, shot Kevin Isaac of Winton Terrace.

Isaac, who was baby-sitting the child, died at University Hospital shortly after the shooting.

Ronnell Parks, 17, walked up and shot Isaac twice, Cincinnati Homicide Unit Sgt. Robert Liston said. Parks has been charged with murder.

As I have said before, liberal policies do nothing to help the lower class in this country. This clown didn't escape from the juvy and head to "Redville" to murder some corporate executive. He gunned down an innocent bystander, I'll guess lower to middle class (given that he was waiting on a bus).

That seems to be the irony of liberal politics 1) create an city where shitballs can thrive 2) allow the shitballs to victimize the innocent people in those cities 3) keep electing the same dirtbags to office who perpetuate the process.

Gunning down a father waiting on a bus with his baby?

Now that's "progressive"!!!!!

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