Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Who did she vote for? #9912

Meet another mother of the year, Jennifer Cole, spawned by our ridiculous welfare system.

Why is Jennifer in the news?

Bond has been set at $14,500 for Jennifer Cole, the woman accused of overdosing in a restaurant bathroom in front of her three young kids.

Police say Cole and her three boys were at Noce's Pizzeria Friday when Cole went into the bathroom to inject heroin. A worker later heard the kids screaming, opened the bathroom door, and found Cole passed out on the floor.

Cole was taken to the hospital, then to the Hamilton County Justice Center. She's charged with three counts of child endangering.

Over the weekend, I watched the show "Shameless" starring William H Macy. If you ever wanted to see what the welfare state has created in this country, watch one episode of the show. It would be funny if there wasn't three kids in a pizza shop watching their mother OD on heroin in real life.

None the less, do you think Jennifer here voted for The One or The Maverick in our last election?


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