Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why I'm a conservative #99

Because this is just the by product of government handouts...........

Three former Hamilton County workers and 12 of their families and friends have been indicted, accused of participating in a scheme that stole more than $135,000 in public benefits from taxpayers.

“They were using it like a community candy jar and they were all feeding out of it,” Prosecutor Joe Deters said today of the indictments.

It's bad enough that these people were ripping off the government (or we the taxpayers). But this is what I found to be the money quote of this article........

The workers, who were operating their schemes independent of each other without the knowledge of what the others were doing, all resigned in the summer of 2010 after a JFS investigation was launched.

We're not talking about a sophisticated criminal enterprise here. These are three employees (probably illiterates) who were able to pull off these stunts.

It just makes you wonder how much more of this graft is occurring throughout the government. Solyndra.


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