Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life in "progress" State - California edition

If you decided to set up a charity to help the children of, say, 9/11 victims and decided to pilfer the money for other projects; do you think you might have an issue with Johnny Law?

Yet if you do in California, they call that person Governor...........

After the 2001 terrorist attacks, California lawmakers sought a way to channel the patriotic fervour and use it to help victims' families and law enforcement. Their answer: specialty memorial license plates emblazoned with the words, 'We Will Never Forget.'

Part of the money raised through the sale of the plates was to fund scholarships for the children of California residents who perished in the attacks, while the majority - 85 per cent - was to help fund anti-terrorism efforts.

But an Associated Press review of the $15 million collected since lawmakers approved the 'California Memorial Scholarship Program' shows only a small fraction of the money went to scholarships.

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