Monday, July 30, 2012

Life in "Redville" - my back yard edition

Ohio and Warren County authorities announced Monday they’ve uncovered a clandestine methamphetamine manufacturing ring.

Last Friday, a Warren County grand jury indicted 10 people on numerous felony drug charges in connection with the case.

Authorities said they first became aware of the ring in late 2010. They said area pharmacists gave the initial information about the ring, reporting to officials that they saw “suspicious behavior involving the purchase of (the drug) pseudoephedrine.” The drug is a key ingredient in making methamphetamine. The drug is used to treat allergies, hay fever and colds.

In July 2011, Morrow police found a secret methamphetamine lab in the village. Another lab was found in Salem Township.

Those indicted were Susan Wright, 40, of Morrow; Christopher Meece, 36, of Morrow; Brittany Burke, 21, of Morrow; Zora Kratzer, 57, of Morrow; Arizona Schearing, 38, of Morrow; Jason Culbreth, 35, of Goshen; Stacy Garrett, 31, of Milford; Mick Gauden, 27, of Blanchester; Robbie Duncan, 30, of Milford and Charles Burke, 34, of Morrow.

When I buy a pack of pseudoephedrine, I always tell the pharmacist to give me as much as I can get with a visit from a fed.

I may need to scale back my purchases for a while.


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