Friday, July 20, 2012

Reiterating a Princple

For some time, I've tried to make it a point not to recognize dumbasses who say stupid shit for shock value; knowing that it will get them media attention.

And being dumbasses, the media allows themselves to be used. They jump right in and give those people the attention they crave. You know the suspects (initials AC, BM, KO, etc)

Years ago, sports media quit showing streakers and other idiots who would run on the fields, courts, rinks, etc. to get attention and you know what happened? People quit doing it.

Using the same principle, I won't recognize a derelict who wants to live and/or die in infamy by going on a shooting spree. Of course a bigger, badder and more heinous spree than the established world record.

These people are delusional losers. Why do we insist on plastering their "feats" all over every newpaper and blog site? It just gives the next delusional loser a higher target to pass so they can be the next "Biggest Loser".

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