Thursday, August 09, 2012

Can someone explain this to me?

Seriously, I'm confused...............

Eighty-six percent of voters who say they voted for Barack Obama in 2008 are backing Obama again this year, a smaller proportion than the 92% of 2008 John McCain voters who are supporting 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Nine percent of 2008 Obama voters have switched to supporting Romney this year, while 5% of McCain voters have switched to Obama.

OK. It's easy to wrap your mind around the fact that Obama candidate you voted for in 2008 didn't turn out to be the president you hoped and changed for.

But under what scenario would a person who voted for McCain in 2008 vote for Obama in 2012?

I'm thinking that if you voted for McCain in '08 you probably didn't like Obama to begin with (include me in that group).

If you changed your vote from McCain -08 to Obama - 12 you think that he's stewarding the economy well? What gives?

It's not like conservatives are going to vote for Obama in 08, 12, 16, or ever.

I just can't see how moderates who would have voted for McCain in 08 would prefer the track record of Obama these past four years over another moderate?

What am I missing?

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