Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Labor day prediction

A few weeks ago, a client asked me my prediction on the election.

Here it is.

Romney will win with more electoral votes than Obama won in 2008.

How is that when the polls say it's a tight race?

As I told my client, probably half the American public couldn't identify Romney in a police lineup.

As he gets more media attention from his VP pick, he'll get a point or two bump. After people see coverage of the convention and can see that he's not Lucifer complete with a three piece suit and horns, he'll pick up another point.

But the key will be the debates, where people will see him matched up against The One. At that point, the public will be forced to concede that Obama is a loser and will throw him overboard.

I think you are starting to see the water filling up the boat when media types are publiching articles about how he's selfish, arrogant, etc.

That's my call. But then again, prognostication has never been my strong suit.

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