Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liberalism = Insanity

A couple of weeks ago, I offered my absentee ballot to the first liberal/progressive/democrat who could tell me why (if liberal policies are so wonderful) is it that every city, state and country they run is swirling down the drain.

It doesn't matter if we're talking about Detroit, California, or Greece. Show me a government entity in financial distress and I'll show an entity run by a pack of "progressives".

On this blog, no one took me up on the challenge. On my facebook page, one liberal decided to call me a name instead of actually answering the question; which is how they usually operate.

So let me throw this out today. Can anyone name one problem that a liberal/progressive/democratic program actually solved?

Let's take poverty. After all the trillions of dollars spent on poverty programs since the 1960's what is the current state of poverty in this country?

Or let's take homelessness. I think we can all agree that homelessness is a bad thing. The city of San Francisco spends a half a BILLION dollars a year in homeless programs (just city money, not federal, state or private charities). My community of Maineville OH spends zero, zip, nada. Which city has the homeless problem?

Or let's take the grand poobah of liberalism...... secondary education. As a society, we've expanded Pell grants and student loan programs and tax credits all over the place. Is education more affordable today than it was 10 years ago? How about twenty?

What about primary education? Sure, your kid can tell you all about global warming, just don't ask them to make change for a twenty.

What the hell does it say about your thought patterns when the overwhelming evidence says liberalism doesn't solve any problems and turns totally functioning communities into shit holes and yet you still support such programs and policies?

They say that the ultimate definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So wouldn't it be logical that if you're liberal, you must be insane as well?

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Anonymous said...

Possibly the biggest problem with liberalism is the fact that they really have no defined goals. They state warm and fuzzy goals like fighting poverty, etc. But when was the last time you heard a liberal say if we reduce poverty by X% we will have achieved our goal. What is the measure of success?

This is why liberals claim victory when the percentage of foodstamp recipients increases. Is it the goal of liberalism to get more people on foodstamps? Sure seems that way. It applies across the board to just about every liberal program.

Dammit, before we allocate one more freaking dime to liberal programs, we should demand that libs define their idea of success is ahead of time. This open-ended flailing about, throwing borrowed money all over the place, is destroying the country's financial solvency.

If you have a goal, to be met in a specific timeframe, you can measure the success of the program at the end. If you miss the goal, it might mean you scrap the program or maybe adjust it. As it is, no one is accountable for the program. Just keep borrowing, borrowing, borrowing, spending, spending, spending. Then blame the taxpayer for not doing enough to meet a goal that has never been defined.