Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Who will you choose?

As you consider who you will vote for next Tuesday, consider for a moment the people who you will be aligning with when you vote.

Below is a breakdown between people and who they will be supporting next Tuesday. Go ahead and ask yourself which of these groups will be filling in the dots for Romney or Obama.

Then ask yourself, are these the people who I want educating children? Invite to a party? have as my neighbor? and finally...... run the country?

Let's face it. the values incorporated in each of these groups are ultimately the values incorporated in the people they support.

War Protesters v. Active Military

20 year olds v. 60 year olds

Larry Flynt v. Pat Robertson

Criminals v. Cops

Union Heads v. Corporate executives

Drug Dealers v. Convenience store owners

Alec Baldwin v. Kelsey Grammar

Welfare Queens v. Working women

Michael Stipe v. Ted Nugent

Planned Parenthood v. Right to Life

Sharon Stone v. Bo Derek

ACORN workers v. NASCAR Fans

Joy Behar v. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Atheists v. Born again Christians

Madonna v. Martina McBride

Vegans v. Hunters

Non repentant terrorists v. FBI agents

Homeless v. Homeowners

College professors v. Small business owners

Urbanites v. Suburbanites

Any network news anchor v. John Stossel

Occupiers v. Tea Partiers

People who sign their checks on the back v People who sign their checks on the front

So choose your neighbor....... but choose wisely......

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