Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How nice red areas turn into Detroit style dumps #3

Liberals fleeing the messes they create.

Years ago, I dated a fabulously liberal woman. It was serious enough that we talked of kids and what schools we would send them to.

Since both of lived inside city of Cincinnati Public School system, I just assumed that we would probably send our kids to a parochial school of some type.

I will never forget her response "I still champion public schools so I think we would probably move out to West Chester to send our kids there".

My response back was this "Oh, how nice, white and liberal you are. You wouldn't think of sending your kids to CPS but your affluence allows you to have school choice that you would never allow a parent stuck in CPS system".

Needless to say, things didn't work out for us.

I did notice that she married and now lives in a suburban school system adjacent to the Gekko's, dragging her liberal values with her.

And this happens in every urban area across the country.

Brian Hackford is divorcing Philadelphia, citing irreconcilable differences over public education.

For most of his adult life, Hackford has loved this city - its energy, its grit, its humor, its culture, its diversity, restaurants, parks, museums, and a host of other ineffable qualities that have made this place home.

But try as he might, he no longer believes the Philadelphia School District can be trusted to provide his three children with a good education.

"I've lived in the city since 1995. I've planted roots. Every single one of my friends except one lives in the city. But at 41, I'm having to start all over again."
Hackford, a co-owner of the Keswick Cycle stores, and his wife have put their home in Roxborough up for sale.

"We have an offer," he said glumly, "and if it works out, we're going."

There is no way to know how many parents have lost faith in the city's ability to adequately fund education, and whether they outnumber those who like their kids' schools and won't bail out because of "yet another funding crisis," as one father put it. Countless others can't afford private schools or a move to the suburbs.

Here's my thinking, we conservatives long ago decided that your schools were piles of crap so we left them. You should live with the creations of your own making and keep all of your liberal sensibilities with you.

But look at the bright side. Your kids will believe in global warming even if they can't read.


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