Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What you can get with your EBT

I'm thinking that the government loaded up the EBT cards yesterday since I was in a local convenience store and the derelict in front of me was loading up.

Here was her grocery list

- a gallon of milk
- two, two liter bottles of coke
- a 12 inch microwave hoagie
- two bags of Frito's
- a bucket of cotton candy

and as the clerk was ringing it up, she ran back to get a candy bar of some kind.

When I hear people cry about the "food deserts", communities where there are no stores offering fresh meat and produce, I have to laugh.

This ding dong was all of three blocks from a local Kroger store..........packed full of wholesome & fresh goodies. It was clear from the look of her stretched out tattoos, that this honey hadn't eaten a fresh vegetable in quite a while but it sure didn't curtail her caloric consumption.

But instead of heading there, she was at the convenience store, where her bags of awesome nutrition was a good 3-4 dollars more expensive than the local full service grocery.

Combined with the guy who I assumed was her baby daddy (who had plenty of cash for lottery tickets), it was quite the deflating experience.

Call me a callous, non caring, d-bag if you like. But before your drop that on me, I challenge you to an hour in a convenience store and witness the protoplasm that walks in on "pay day" and report what you witness.

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