Sunday, September 08, 2013

Voter fraud..... a democratic block

North Carolina Republican lawmakers cracking down on voter fraud have been getting the Texas-treatment lately from liberal mouthpieces who see racism under their beds at night, but an election case out of  the college town of Winston-Salem puts things in a different light.

A city council race is spurring complaints that a Democrat candidate is getting help from a professor and college students at a historically black university who are casting votes without being legal residents.

Is Rachel Maddow crying racism here?

Is The Nation putting it on its cover?


The griping is coming from black Democrats, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

According to complaints filed with Winston-Salem State University, political science professor Larry Little let a candidate for re-election to the Winston-Salem City Council speak to his class last week, then let students out of class so they could go to an early voting site to cast Democrat primary votes, in transportation arranged by the councilman

That councilman was a former student, who won his first term in 2009 when the professor was his campaign manager. The pair defeated a long-time Democrat councilwoman in a low-turnout primary where student votes made the difference.

All that sounds too chummy even for other Winston-Salem Democrats, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

The historically black university has appointed a committee to investigate Little’s behavior, but the fact that its three members includes the university’s director of public relations tells you this is being treated more as a black eye to the campus than a case of the kind of electoral fraud North Carolina Republicans say they’re trying to stamp out.


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