Friday, October 25, 2013

See a pattern here

During the aftermath of the Benghazi murder of four Americans, the only person/people to receive punishment are

1)  The people who actually murdered our people?
2)  Representatives of the State Department who were involved in the cover up of the asssinations?
3)  The people responsible for providing the necessary security for a diplomat in a war zone?
4)  Some guy who posted an unrelated Youtube video?

Using the same logic, who gets hosed in the Obamacare fiasco

1)  The government employees charged with overseeing its implementation?
2)  The contractors who totally screwed up the job?
3)  The employees who failed to tell the president the project was a fiasco?
4)  The telephone operator communicating with the public.

When Sean Hannity called the Obamacare hotline, not only did he not get the answer he wanted, but he also got a woman fired. Luckily for her, Hannity had the money to help her out.

The Fox News and radio host called the hotline on Monday and spoke on-air with employee Erling Davis about promised improvements to the Obamacare website. Hannity brought Davis back onto the show on Thursday, and she revealed that she had been let go after their conversation.

So much for being a champion for the little guy.


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