Monday, October 07, 2013

Seems like a perfect solution

So Bob Geldof a member of the Branch Gorevidian church of Manmade Global Warming believes the human faith will reach its demise.................

Bob Geldof has claimed that the Earth as we know it could end by 2030 thanks to the ravages of climate change.
The campaigner and former Boomtown Rats singer said the human race could soon be extinct at the One Young World summit in Johannesburg.

"The world can decide in a fit of madness to kill itself," he said, according to the Telegraph. "Sometimes progress may not be possible."

"We're in a very fraught time," he continued, warning the 8,000 international delegates: "There will be a mass extinction event. That could happen on your watch. The signs are that it will happen and soon."

The conference – a networking and debate event for young people from 190 countries – featured speeches from high profile 'counsellors'. Former UN General Secretary Kofi Annan and business mogul Richard Branson also took to the stage, but none appeared to match Mr Geldof for urgency.

This is the thing that blows my mind about your average Branch Gorevidian is that they cannot seem to appreciate the meaning of what they think is true regarding the future.

For instance, let's assume that the global warming continues to the point that the human race is wiped out. If that is true, then wouldn't it be safe to assume that with no humans on earth there won't be anyone to drive those disgusting SUVs on the road or run those carbon spewing coal plants around the world.

If there's no one around to kick out the carbon, the world will begin healing itself. And without humans, the dolphins will be able to have the whole place to themselves.

And isn't that a great place to be?


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