Thursday, January 09, 2014

Christie sets the tone

A number of years ago, one of my clients bought a metal fabricating company and he asked me to train the bookkeeper on the accounting software we set up.

One day, the bookkeeper was opening the mail when she she made the proclamation that one of their customers over paid their invoice by $6,000. She proclaimed that she was going to deposit the money and wait for them to ask for the overpayment back.

My client overheard her and he stop right in his tracks and told her "We will not do business that way. Send them a check for the overpayment today."

In that instance, he set the tone for how he wanted to do business.

The same is true for Christ Christie. He may not have had any knowledge of who did what and when, but what is it about his character that had one of his advisers think that it was totally OK for them to pull that kind of stunt.

Hint, because they know how Christie operates. In the Godfather, did Michael Corleone have to say, "take out my brother"?

The same is true of the FBI, Benghazi and IRS scandals. Obama didn't have to issue the order, his plebs know how he rolls.

Trust me, the aides that took the fall for Christie will inevitably end up in a campaign for one of his buddies and be rolling as if nothing happened.

that's how government rolls........

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