Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I've watched that show already

Years ago, while dating my fabulously liberal girlfriend, she turned on one of the Sunday morning news shows and was surprised that I wasn't interested in watching.

"As political as you are, I'm surprised you don't watch all of these."

I replied, "I've already seen them all."


"Yeah, this is the show where the moderator has a liberal and a milquetoast conservative answer questions about an issue, and the liberal gives the standard liberal talking point and the milquetoast conservative does the same."

If you never want to learn anything new, keep watching these shows and you'll end up dumber for having done so.

So should anyone be surprised that we now hear this...............

The Sunday morning shows once occupied a sacred space in American politics.

Today, many influential Washington players can’t even remember the last time they watched.


The public affairs shows — “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation” and “This Week” — used to set the agenda for the nation’s capital with their news-making interviews and immensely influential audience. Now the buzz around the shows is more likely to center on gossipy criticism about the hosts, notably “Meet the Press’s” David Gregory, whose fate has become an incessant subject of conversation, most recently in a Washington Post story on Monday. Meanwhile, fans complain about the recurrence of familiar guests — Sen. John McCain again? — who simply relay party talking points that often go unchallenged.

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