Friday, June 20, 2014

It's only corruption when you say GOP

Remember the good old days when you couldn't get through a news cycle without hearing the name Jack Abramoff.

Thanks to our liberal news heros, they've done a good job of making sure we never have to hear about corrupt campaign donors like this guy..............

A California businessman who has donated over $1 million to Democrats, including President Obama, has been indicted in federal court for a laundry list of infractions.

Two sealed indictments were handed down against Kareem Ahmed, the CEO of Landmark Medical Management, and 15 associates, TPM reports.

Ahmed is accused of running a kickback scheme involving a topical cream his company developed. One indictment alleges that Ahmed would pay doctors who handled workers’ compensation cases to prescribe the cream. The scam ran from 2009 to 2013 and involved the filing of false insurance claims, according to TPM, which obtained the documents.

According to Southern California Public Radio, Ahmed paid doctors a total of $25 million to dispense the “transdermal cream.”

The involuntary manslaughter allegation involves Ahmed and two others — a pharmacist and a doctor. The three “did unlawfully and without malice kill Andrew G. (a minor), a human being, in the commission of a lawful act which might produce death, in an unlawful manner and without due caution and circumspection,” the indictment reads, without providing much other detail.

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