Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Where's the apology?

Three years ago, Ohio expanded the ability of concealed carry holders to carry their weapons in bars and restaurants provided they don't drink.

Let's look back at the predictions.............

“The law says they can’t consume alcohol, but will that person be honest and play by the rules and not have a drop of alcohol when they have a gun on them?” 

“Alcohol and guns do not mix in any type of setting,” Heimlich said. “By inviting them into a restaurant, you’re opening yourself up to issues.”

“We oppose guns in bars, but it’s the law now and we hope that our prediction of increased violence doesn’t come to pass,”

Opponents of the law said bars would take on a "wild West" atmosphere if patrons could arm themselves.

I'll expect the same silence from the Branch Gorevidians when I'm standing on Daytona beach 20 years from now .

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