Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Do what the cops tell you

Years ago, I was at a party that was starting to get out of hand.

I was watching something on TV with my buddies and a cop walked in a yelled "everyone under 18 get the hell out of here right now".

That was all the warning I needed.

Unfortunately, as I was heading out the door, some ass hole behind me started bitching about private property, pigs and rights.

I wish I knew what happened to that guy because the last I saw him he was on the ground eating carpet fiber.

Me?  I walked away without a problem.

As I get older, I feel more like Kevin Kline bitching out William Hurt in the Big Chill for disrespecting the cop who pulled him over.

I haven't posted on the Ferguson dust up because I don't know that happened that day.........Just like every one of the talking heads who have an opinion on this event.

But it's following a similar pattern to all the other events like this.

Media puts out unconfirmed reports. People jump to their respective sides.

The Bobblehead Reverends show up and make things even more polarized.

Eventually, this cop will face some show trial but because the witnesses have been tainted by their prejudices, multiple investigations contradicting each other and media attention, there will be no ability to prosecute this cop which will start a mini riot still to come.

The moral to the story, do what the cop tells you and you walk away.

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