Monday, September 08, 2014

Who's the journalist and who's the hack?

So James O'Keefe is not considered a journalist for some of his stunts like crossing the border in an Osama bin Laden mask to illustrate the porous border situation we have.

But, of course, if Jim Avila, from ABC news does it, it is somehow legtimate.........

It's not that difficult to cross into Mexico's southern border from Guatemala, claims ABC News reporter Jim Avila: For $5, he was able to board a raft and make a short trip across a river, along with three other people.
"We found in Guatemala just last month makeshift rafts, filled with immigrants crossing illegally into Mexico heading to the U.S.," Avila said during a segment on ABC's "This Week" Sunday. "I boarded one with no papers, no IDs checked. Cost me $5 to bring three people over here from Guatemala to Mexico."

As nearly 75 percent of the nearly 63,000 illegal, unaccompanied migrant juveniles that have come across the United States' southern border have been from Central America, there has been concern that many are traveling through Guatemala on their way north. Others pass through Belize into Mexico, and then into the United States, ABC reports.
What's the difference?

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