Friday, October 24, 2014

.............don't know much about the economy

Twenty years from now, will liberals be asking "what ever happened to the jobs where people pumped your gas, bagged your groceries, took your order at McDonald's............."

While fast food workers all over the country are fighting to get paid higher hourly wages, McDonald’s is apparently looking for a bigger solution to their problem.

Various outlets are reporting that McDonald’s is currently testing automated cashiers in the hopes that they will soon roll out all over the country. The machines are touch screen and will enable customer to order and pay for their food without having to wait in line and interact with a live cashier.

Similar machines are already being used in Europe, and now, the automated cashier is being tested at a store in Romeoville, Illinois, according to reports and one Reddit user.

Ask yourself the question, does raising the minimum wage increase the likelihood these machines will be in place?


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