Saturday, November 22, 2014

Let's build a time machine

I keep hearing from the Branch Gorevidians that if we simply spend the money to develop renewable energy sources it will fuel our future Utopia.

Never mind the trillions spent by private and public entities to develop this technology over the past 200 plus years. If you spend it, it will come. It's like believing that if you spend enough money you can do time travel.

Well, Google has finally gotten the hint...............

Two highly qualified Google engineers who have spent years studying and trying to improve renewable energy technology have stated quite bluntly that renewables will never permit the human race to cut CO2 emissions to the levels demanded by climate activists. Whatever the future holds, it is not a renewables-powered civilisation: such a thing is impossible.

Both men are Stanford PhDs, Ross Koningstein having trained in aerospace engineering and David Fork in applied physics. These aren't guys who fiddle about with websites or data analytics or "technology" of that sort: they are real engineers who understand difficult maths and physics, and top-bracket even among that distinguished company. The duo were employed at Google on the RE

REclosed it down
after four years. Now, Koningstein and Fork have explained the conclusions they came to after a lengthy period of applying their considerable technological expertise to renewables, in an article posted at IEEE Spectrum.
The two men write:
At the start of RE
Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.


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