Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thoughts on the Purge - Ferguson edition

Some thoughts on the Ferguson issue

1) Many of the looted and trashed businesses in the area were owned by hard working minorities who may not have had insurance; or the deductibles were so high that they may not have the money to cover the damage. Congratulations on robbing those folks of their livelihoods.

2) How many of these "protestors" had to get up Tuesday morning for their job?

3) This why I carry and have reserve guns in all of our cars.

4) To believe that Darren Wilson should be indicted and convicted of anything, you have to believe that he went out that morning looking for fight with a black man; something that's not in his record anywhere.

5) If these "protesters" were so outraged by the white establishment, why didn't they burn down all the schools? At least the government would have to build new ones.

6) It truly disgusts me that the media spent a lot of time covering rumors and innuendo that turned out to be untrue. Do you think any of those talking heads will be apologizing to the business owners for stirring the pot that melted down their business?

7) The fact that the media continues to report the rumor and innuendo despite evidence to the contrary is exactly why will have another one of these episodes withing the next year.

8) Just think about this. None of this would have happened if a couple of dumb asses would simply have been walking on the sidewalk.

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