Friday, December 11, 2015

A must read

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a great piece on accepting Muslim immigrants and the risk they present to our society.............

My political preferences don’t align with Trump on several issues. My interest in Trump is his talent for persuasion, which is astonishing. But critics are correct in saying that my blogging might be providing safety for a Hitler-in-waiting. I take that critique seriously, and so I will help you sort out your feelings on this issue.

Trump’s plan to discriminate against immigrants based on religion offends me to the core. I hope it offends you too, on some level. Religious freedom is about as basic an American right as you can get. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we sometimes have to make hard choices based on our assessment of the odds. So let’s look at the odds. 

Suppose you knew that 90% of Elbonians were in favor of killing U.S. citizens and they had plans to do so upon entering the country. Would you accept the bad ones to avoid discriminating against the good ones?

If you said you would let all Elbonians into the country and accept the certainty of more terror attacks, congratulations, you are not a racist. But if that risk seems too high, your only option is to go full-Hitler and ban people based on their Elbonian ethnicity. You can try screening each person, but if 90% of Elbonians are up to no good, some will slip through. I pause here to state unequivocally that no group has that many bad actors in it.

But what if only 1% of Elbonians are terrorists? If you let in a million Elbonians, that gives you 10,000 terrorists. Are you good with that risk in return for maintaining the ideal of equal treatment for all?

Read the whole thing........

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