Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Billary are like vampires

It's going to take a silver stake in the heart to get rid of these characters........

So the media is asking the question "Is it fair to judge Hillary for Bill's actions"

Once again, a diversion from the real issue. Remember the whole impeachment for sex meme being espoused when Bill was in office even though the real issue was impeachment for (say it nice and slow)

Per - ju - ry

But, once again, the issue is not Bill's actions but Hillary's actions during those infamous "bimbo eruptions". 

She was an integral part of the slut shaming of the women who came forward about Bill's sexual past.

It seems that the only person on the planet who gets this besides me is Katherine Timpf at NRO

Here's some of her observations...............

If u want to say what BILL did is irrelevant to Hillary, fine. But how SHE attacked those women IS -- esp since she's running as "feminist"

Hillary didn't just not believe the women who accused Bill of assault. She attacked and shamed them until their lives were ruined.

I will not stop talking about this. I will not let Hillary run on being "pro-women" when she's destroyed so many for her benefit.

BTW Katherine's smokin hot.


BTW II  Why is the media so quiet about Bill's flights with Jeffrey Epstein 

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