Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dump Dianne

Lately, I've been going to a lot of liberal sites to get a different perspective on the political scene.

This was a stunner. Apparently, liberals aren't happy with Dianne Feinstein in much the way they went after Joe Lieberman.

Liberals upset with Dianne Feinstein? You've got to be kidding me.

Excerpt from the American Spectator.

Such cardinal sins have left Feinstein facing a censure resolution that left-wing activists hope to move at the California Democratic Party's executive board meeting tomorrow. Proclaiming Democrats' "disappointment at, and censure of, Senator Feinstein for ignoring Democratic principles and falling so far below the standard of what we expect of our elected officials," the resolution faces an uphill battle. Before it can be considered by the party's executive board, the resolutions committee must approve the text unanimously. Even if it does, the resolution may not pass -- according to its communications director, the California State Party remains supportive of Feinstein.

Next on the liberal agenda.... Please tell me it will be Ted Kennedy.

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Anonymous said...

No. Ted has only killed a woman. This is not a crime in the democrat pary unless you can only extract 50% from the resulting death tax.