Monday, November 19, 2007

Paid sick days

I happen to run across the Progress Ohio website and saw the campaign for paid sick days on one of the pages.

Since this group wants to tell me how to run my business, I sent them this email.

I am a CPA in SW Ohio. I currently have one full time and one part time office employees.

How much should I compensate them?

Thank you

And I received this response.

Thank you for your interest in the campaign. Please note that we will respond to serious inquiries only as we work hard to ensure that earning Paid Sick Days is a reality for working Ohioans.

But my question is serious. If you are a proponent of this bill, please tell me how much I should pay my employees.

You have no problems telling me how many paid sick days I should offer. What if my employees are willing to give up paid sick days for a higher hourly wage. Shouldn't I be allowed to offer that?

Assume I have two employees that do the exact same job. One needs health insurance, the other is covered by her spouses insurance. Should they be paid the same?

The fact is, the people who run these socialists organizations have never run a business before. They have this belief that we employers are out to squeeze the life out of our employees. They've never had to run out and get a cash advance on a credit card to make sure payroll got met that week (as I had to in my first year of business).

These guys hide behind the shield of labor unions who enact some of the worst labor practices in America. Ask one of the picketers in front of biggs or Walmart some time and ask them what they get paid and their benefits.

Has a liberal ever really sat down and thought about why businesses locate overseas? Have they ever made the connection that businesses that locate overseas, don't have to worry about such things?

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