Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I guess these jobs don't count

For you "progressive" types, I have a question for you. What do you say to the people who once worked in this pay day loan operation that boarded up shop after the guv signed the payday loan bill?

When it's all said and done you really don't give a shit, do you?

No, you and your "progressive" buddies will sit around and pat each others back and refill your glasses of pinot noir because you helped shut down this business that exploits the poor. And after all, you help the poor.

And the things that's most nauseating about you douche bags, not one of you ever went into this store, you never knew a customer, you never knew an employee or owner but somehow you found it necessary "in your own holier than thou world" to make sure these relationships ceased.

Congratulations. You can go back to your arugula quiche and merlot now.


Anonymous said...

Forgive them, for they no not what they do. (Because they are dumasses)

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess the Republicans who control both the Ohio House and Senate actually did not vote for HB 545 then?

Are you calling Senate President Bill Harris and Majority Leader Husted as well as all the Republicans who strongly supported and voted for the Bill arugula eating douche bags?

Ben said...

how true taxman

i dont care who voted for this bill, it was bad

gordon gekko said...

To Anon #2

Yes I am, none of this stupid socialist bullshit would ever pass if it weren't for do gooder republicans jumping in.

Anonymous said...

It's sad Senate President Bill Harris and Majority Leader Husted are more concerned about keeping control of the house - and in their own careers, than they are in defending a complex issue.

HB 545 effectively steals the thunder from the democrats. Who wants to defend charges that payday loans are gouging consumers with 391% interest? It is a complicated issue that won't fit on a bumper sticker. Everyone knows it is voodoo math. Even the author of 545 stated as much. But that still doesn't make payday loans easy to defend.

What is easy? Take the issue off the table to retain control of the house. Bonus: Perhaps Husted & Widener will have a future in the senate. That's what is important.

Payday lenders were unfortunately in the wrong job at the wrong time. What's a few thousand jobs when control of the house is at stake? The state's economy is in the toilet anyway - who'll miss a few more jobs?

The legislature voted to throw a pile of money into the air and hope jobs materialize when it hits the ground. Trade a sustainable industry for some temporary jobs in an election year and claim you're doing something positive for the economy? Then wonder why business won't locate in Ohio.

John said...

There is absolutely no question that payday lenders exploit individuals who are desperate for cash. It's not a one time fix to a short-term financial problem - it's a long-term debt sentence that has consequences well beyond even the 13 loan per year average that Ohioans take out.

The jobs that will be lost (payday lenders should be able to operate just fine at 28% APR) aren't value added jobs. They simply serve to assist and industry in pilfering hardworking Ohioans of their hard earned dollars. Payday loans provide no net tangible benefit for consumers or Ohio's struggling economy.

We can do better than 391% APR!

gordon gekko said...

So you get to be the arbiter of what is a value added job? What exactly are value added jobs v/ non value added jobs?

Have you ever had a car repossessed? I have and I would have been more than happy to do one of these deals than go through that experience.

You do realize that if this debt goes unpaid there's almost nothing the lender can do to collect it, right?

If these guys can make it "just fine" at 28% then why are they closing you dumb ass?

I've got an idea. You start a business doing unsecured loans at 28%. According to your theory, you'll have tons of customers because you'll offer a better priced product to you customers.

You'll be a millionaire.

My guess, you'll be broke.

But then just like lots of "progressives" they don't have the stones to actually go out and produce, they wean off some company's tit and then whine when they don't get what they want.