Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What a Rush

The guys from taxmanblog invaded the Rush show last night.

I've seen probably well over 100 concerts over my years and I have to say Rush puts on the best total show I've seen, over Springsteen, KISS, AC/DC, etc.

They're one of the few bands who emphasize video & lighting as part of the show. It's three hours of big time rock and roll; no power ballads here.

The only downside to a Rush show.... a lot of their songs are epics so you're going to be waiting a while for the next tune or you can run to the john and get another beer.

Concert notes....

1) The videos with Jerry Stiller, Jeffrey Tambor, South Park & Bob and Doug McKenzie were awesome.
2) Those lights that hover over the band eerily remind me of the battle scenes in Terminator. Just don't bring any clowns on stage, I might get really freaked out.
3) Ladies, if you want to meet a man, a Rush show is the place to be; about 90-10 men over women.
4) This was my second show and they finally played something off of 2112. And why no Working Man?
5) They still have the rotisserie chickens on stage (look behind Geddy Lee in the photo.). What's up with that? The whole night I was looking to do a road trip to Boston Market.
6) They're the best thing to come out of Canada. Actually, the only other good thing to come out of Canada is Canadian Bacon.
7) Madonna's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and these guys aren't? Huh?

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