Friday, January 09, 2009

Utah #1

College football season is over so I assume that the Utes will be number # in the final AP rankings.

If you want to scoff at that just look at the numbers. Utah was undefeated against a Division 1-A schedule.

They put an ass kicking on Alabama, who many argued should have been in the title game.

For those, like Lee Corso, who would say "play somebody", they scheduled Michigan, are they somebody? It's not their fault that Michigan's football is as bad as their economy. Do you think the PAC-10 will invite the Utes into their conference so they'll get to "play somebody"? I doubt it given that they beat the second best team in the PAC -10, Oregon State.

Look, the BCS is a college football cartel where the haves keep the spoils from the have nots.

But without the have nots, the BCS schools couldn't pad their records against the likes of bad MAC and Conference USA schools. Let's face it without the Non BCS schools, Florida would have to play the likes of Texas A&M, Indiana, Washington, USC or others home and home. Now that 13-1 will look more like 9-4. But so will all the other football factories. Now come up with a BCS scenario.

So if I'm a voter in the polls, I vote Utah. Only until the BCS is brought down as the fraud it is will we actually get a champion on the field.


Anonymous said...

I think the system works fine.


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RightRunner said...

We think the SEC should be kicked out of the BCS.


The Buckeyes

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