Saturday, September 18, 2010


We all know that the reason kids would rather eat chips over carrots is because chips are more available..............

At Mason High School, vending machine choices include Coke, Gatorade - and carrots.

Baby carrots.

An all-carrot vending machine was installed this week as part of a national campaign that packages and markets carrots like junk food.

The campaign is an attempt to get kids to eat healthier and fits with Ohio's new Healthy Choices for Healthy Children legislation, aimed at requiring school districts to step up more to fight childhood obesity.

Cincinnati and Syracuse, N.Y., are the national test markets for the campaign. Mason and a Syracuse high school are the only schools in the country to pilot the machines, which will remain for two months.

I'll take the expiration dates for $500.

How about some celery, ranch dressing and BACON in that vending machine.


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