Friday, December 31, 2010

So stupid, only a liberal could think of it

So we have a pack of Ivy Leaguer who believe that higher taxes on the rich is the way to get the economy revved up again.

Unfortunately, a bunch of dumb ass conservatives refuse to make rich people give up their wealth to a government, so these guys came up with a brilliant idea......

Give your "tax cut" to charity!

Seriously, they have a calculator that will compute your tax cut and then you can forward it to charity.

In all honesty, it's probably necessary for liberals to suggest that they can give their money to charity since so few understand what that means in the first place.

Last week, Ann Coulter detailed that lack of charitable giving among notable democrats and this is what she found.....

On average, a person who attends religious services and does not believe in the redistribution of income will give away 100 times more -- and 50 times more to secular charities -- than a person who does not attend religious services and strongly believes in the redistribution of income.

Secular liberals, the second largest group coming in at 10 percent of the population, were the whitest and richest of the four groups. (Some of you may also know them as "insufferable blowhards.") These "bleeding-heart tightwads," as New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof calls them, were the second stingiest, just behind secular conservatives, who are mostly young, poor, cranky white guys.

Despite their wealth and advantages, secular liberals give to charity at a rate of 9 percent, less than all Americans and 19 percent less than religious conservatives. They were also "significantly less likely than the population average to return excess change mistakenly given to them by a cashier." (Count Nancy Pelosi's change carefully!)

Secular liberals are, however, 90 percent more likely to give sanctimonious Senate speeches demanding the forced redistribution of income. (That's up 7 percent from last year!)

Maybe Joe Biden can fork over a few bucks more than the $350.00 he gave to charity last year. Someone just needs to forward him this site so he realizes that he can actually do that.

Meanwhile, as a conservative, you know what I think you should do with your tax cut? 1) You can save it 2) You can spend it on anything you damn well please 3) you can give it to a relative or charity or 4) give it to me.

Regardless of what you, do you'll get no criticism from this blog....... you earned it.

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Anonymous said...

Socialism is not compassion. It's "Compassion by Proxy".