Friday, December 17, 2010

'Tis the season

It's that time of year when everyone gets their parties in a bunch because someone's banning Santa Claus and/or Jesus from the holidays this year.

Let me impart some wisdom to you atheists out there who seem to believe that the very appearance of a cross is some sort of forced attempt to convert you to Christianity.

For years, I was member of a gym who's membership was primarily Jewish. Every year, the place would put up a menorah at the check in area. In addition, there would be all kinds of work shops/programs offered for the Jewish community.

For some reason, I never felt like my Christian beliefs were threatened or that my very presence in the place somehow devalued my beliefs.

You what I made of the activity? That the place was trying to honor those who make up most of the community.... not a slam towards Christians.

The community this center resides in is also primarily Jewish. So much so that the public schools close on Jewish holidays as a result low attendance.

I've told the Lovely Mrs. Gekko that if we are ever blessed with a child. We are selling our place in Methville, and making a bee line to this school system. When we're there, I don't expect to raise a stink about the overwhelming Jewish nature of the community and observance of the holidays. Believe it or not, I would understand that it's not a personal affront to my faith.

You know when people see a great movie or go to a great restaurant, they tell their friends about it. If you are of the persuasion to believe that Jesus Christ is the best thing in your life, you going to tell people about it. If you take personal offense to that, what the hell's wrong with you?

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