Thursday, July 21, 2011

Are the working conditions that horrible?

Allegedly, a local union head is accused of stealing money from her members.................

For the past 6½ years, the $9 in union dues withheld from the biweekly paychecks of the roughly 800 members of Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees sent more than $7,000 flowing every other week into the city employees’ union bank account.

At least, that’s what was supposed to happen.

What actually occurred, federal prosecutors alleged Wednesday, is that roughly one of every two dollars that City Hall deposited in CODE’s account eventually ended up in the pocket of its president, Diana Frey.

While I'm never surprised that union heads steal from their members (it's been a Teamster trademark for years), what caught my attention was this............

The sparse financial details listed in the indictment indicate that Frey allegedly took more than half of the biweekly dues paid since 2005 by CODE members, who include middle managers, professionals, technical employees and nurses.

Seriously? These people need union representation? So does the union negotiate how many coffee pots per employee are permitted? The inside office temperature can only reside between 68-72 degrees? Cube walls must be in excess of four feet?

It seems to me that unions should exist to represent those who cannot negotiate for themselves. But apparently, middle managers for the city need Cesar Chavez to represent them.


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