Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching up/Odds and Ends

During the past six weeks, I've driven to Ocala Florida, Myrtle Beach, SC and West Virginia. One of the things that has perplexed me is the number of people who insist on driving in the passing or "fast" lane despite the lack of actually passing anyone.

The attitude/ignorance seems to cross race, gender, age and geographical lines yet there seems to be an attitude of these drivers that they're the arbiters of appropriate speed and that you need not drive faster than they do.

That seems to be a liberal frame of reference kind of like saying "at some point haven't you made enough money".


I hate the beach. It's hot, it's dirty, it's crowded. During the week, one of my brother's friends noted the "scenery" at the beach; referring to the women.

What scenery? I didn't see one attractive person on the beach. Plus, isn't putting a navel ring on a bikini muffin top like putting sprinkles on a dog turd? No thanks.

Plus there isn't enough "scenery" to out weigh my hatred of the beach.


The Cincinnati Enquirer has a piece in the paper today titled "How can we help our city run better?"

Here's a start. QUIT ELECTING DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!

Seriously, Name any one of the top hundred worst run governments in this country and there will be one constant; They're all run by democrats.

How hard is it to recognize that.

If you are not familiar with the city of Cincinnati government let me offer a brief history lesson. Until roughly 15 years ago, the city's council usually had enough republican and charterite (a third party in the city) representation to block most of the stupid shit that seems to ooze into all democratically run cities.

Unfortunately, most conservatives tired of plugging holes in the dike so they just left.

Now the city is FDBD (For Democrats By Democrats) and we can see the results.


For some reason, I will never understand why republicans don't educate the public with democratic destruction of economies.

All they need to do is say "if you want your country to look like democratic".

While I'm assuming that many conservatives are afraid of being accused of racism simply pick another example. "Want your country to look like Illinois or California......... Vote Democratic" or how about "Democrats......... turning the world into Greece, one country at a time."


President Obama, where's the plan? Seriously, isn't a leader supposed to present a plan and use that as the basis for compromise?

But then again, it's a lot harder than voting present.

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