Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life in "Progress" City - Detroit edition

I rarely get into political debates anymore. Whenever someone starts in on republicans this or that, I simply ask the question.

Detroit is 95% democratic. The city hasn't had a republican mayor or council in over 50 years. When you can explain to me how republicans are responsible for that cesspool or the myriad of other cesspools where you cannot find a republican, I'll listen to your point of view.

It really makes for a debate free evening..........

Detroit's mayor unveiled a plan Wednesday that could determine what the city looks like as it fights for vitality, announcing that neighborhoods will receive different kinds of services depending on the conditions of homes, how many people live there and the level of blight.

Mayor Dave Bing released details from his Detroit Works Project, calling them part of a "short-term intervention strategy" to serve residents at a time when the city has limited financial resources and a $155 million budget deficit.

Nothing like blight to describe something inherently "progressive".


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