Friday, July 29, 2011

The trio of idiots

When you saw the title, your go to was probably Obama, Reid and Boehner.

While that's a real close second, the award goes to Mike Brown, Carson Palmer and the fans who allow enable this soap opera.

First Mike Brown, his quote that "I won't award him" by trading Palmer is to concede that anywhere is an upgrade to his team. Here's an idea Mike, how about creating an organization where people feel rewarded to play for you ass-hat.

Second Carson Palmer, he's a loser. Keep in mind that Palmer knew full and well what this organization was like when he signed a contract extension a couple of years ago. A winner would have filed for free agency and went to the team where he could have been a part of something bigger. Instead, he allowed Bengaldom to do what Bengaldom always does. Pays for nonperformance.

Third, Why any fan would pay hard earned money to give to these clowns boggles the imagination. What the hell is wrong with you people? I'm guessing that most of these people would never give the money they roll out for season tickets to a crack head who refuses treatment. What's the difference?

So I'm offering my Marty treatment to you people. Call me when you're ready.

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