Friday, July 08, 2011

This should add jobs

Ask yourself the question.

What happened to life expectancy in this country when we introduced carbon spewing coal fire electric plant? You know, the plants that fuels our electric cars...........

The Environmental Protection Agency is clamping down on pollution from power plants in 27 states that contributes to unhealthy air downwind.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced on Thursday a plan to clean up smog, soot and acid rain in downwind states -- where they combine with locally produced pollution, making it impossible for those states to meet air quality standards on their own.

The rule differs from one proposed in July. Power plants in the District of Columbia and five states -- Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana and Massachusetts -- will no longer have to control for two pollutants -- sulfur dioxide, responsible for acid rain, and nitrogen oxides, which contribute to smog and soot.

Texas, by contrast, will have to reduce more pollution than the initial proposal.

The regulation replaces a 2005 Bush administration proposal that was rejected by a federal court.

Seriously, do these people have some sort of mental disability?

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

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