Thursday, October 20, 2011

Animal Farm

The big news here in Ohio is the wild African safari set loose near Zanesville........

Fred Polk had occasional run-ins with wolves that escaped from his neighbor's exotic-animal preserve, but he never expected the wild menagerie next door to bring a safari to his land.

He was home Tuesday night when an African lion, a mountain lion and three bears climbed over the fence and onto his cattle ranch.

Armed sheriff's deputies accompanying Polk chased the animals and killed a grizzly as it charged at them. They shot the African lion and got the mountain lion 40 feet from the front of Polk's house as his wife locked herself inside.

Governor Kasich is drawing criticism for allowing Ted Strickland's executive order on exotic animals expire earlier this year.

Apparently, unless this guy bought all these animals within the past couple of months, he's had this operation running while Strickland's order was in effect.

Meaning the law had no impact on this situation in the first place. So how should Kasich get any slack?

The fact is, the government cannot insulate the public for every single risk that life presents.

It's why we should all be packing. You'll never know when a rhinoceros is grazing in your yard.

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