Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life in "progress" State - Illinois edition

In Illinois, if you own a nursing home caring for the elderly, it's taking you six months to get paid for the services you provide.

If you're triple dipping the Illinois public pension system, you go to the front of the line............

Kenneth E. Pannaralla — once a top precinct captain for Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan — has made a good living in government.

Pannaralla, 63, gets a pension from the city of Chicago in addition to the three paychecks from his three current government jobs, including one as the executive director of the Southwest Home Equity Assurance Program, a government agency created under a law Madigan co-sponsored.

Madigan, who is also chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, also gave Pannaralla’s daughter, Jennifer Pannaralla, a one-year legislative scholarship in 2003 to the University of Illinois at Chicago. And Pannaralla’s son, Kenneth, is paid $24,000 a year as an aide to Madigan.

Pannaralla makes a total of $213,418 a year, including:

†A $94,551 yearly pension from the city of Chicago, where he worked for 28 years, retiring under an early-retirement program passed by the Madigan-led Illinois Legislature that allowed him to buy an additional five years of service. Half of that pension goes to Pannaralla’s ex-wife under their divorce settlement, court records show.

Nothing says free money like being connected to a democrat........

This is what Ohio looks like if voters vote no on Ohio 2.

So vote yes.


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