Thursday, October 06, 2011

Stuff liberals run - The secondary education racket

I ran across this site where all these protesters are posting their woes for all to see.

What's interesting is that it seems like half of all those photos note student loans in excess of $80k.

My question. How in the hell is that Wall Street's fault?

In fact, let's face it. When it comes to secondary education you'd be hard pressed to find a conservative in the lot. From the admissions office to the bursar to the professors you might find one closeted person with a Wall Street Journal in his/her possession and even that's probably wrapped up inside of a Mother Jones or a New Republic.

Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn't track a republican in this mess.

But yet that's what has most of these people have their shorts in a bunch over.

I consider myself fortunate, I graduated with about $3,000 in student loans helped by a partial track scholarship and a good summer job...... oh....... provided by one of those rich guys these jackoffs want to condemn to hell or the atheistic equivalent. (BTW I wouldn't have had that debt had I managed my major more appropriately).

Since I left school, federal and state money as well as tax credits have become more and more available to students and parent and yet cost of secondary ed has more than doubled the rate of inflation.

Have any of these idiots asked why?

What these guys should be doing is taking their damn protests to the local college campus and talk to kids about boycotting these bogus women's studies degrees that prepare you for nothing more than a fine career as a local Starbucks barista.

Maybe the schools will take the hint and start running their business like a Wall Street firm.

On another note. This ding dong in the photo above. How is it Corporate America's fault that while you were unemployed, you decided to get knocked up? I see nothing in your note about a baby daddy so can we assume that some corporate CEO came into your house in the middle of the night and planted his evil demon seed in your womb while you were asleep?

But at least you're now able to share your immense pity party with a baby. That kid is off to a great start.


Anonymous said...

Awesome post!

Anonymous said...

life is a game of choices and consequences. the older I get, the more I see that it isn't that hard a game to play if you make good choices but it takes character, which apparently weeds out a lot of people.


Anonymous said...

I am also 27 years old. I have held a full time job since I was 17, including my senior year of high school. I worked 40 hours/week every year of college as well and have an AAB, a BS, and currently working towards an MS in Entrepreneurship. I am married with zero kids--I kept my dick in my pants and don't have bastard children I can't pay for. My wife is 28 and has a BA and MBA and worked full-time through college as well.

My wife quit her job 2 years ago in the middle of the recession to start her own business. She earns less than she did in her corporate job, but between the two of us we have nearly doubled our income during this recession. We also bought a home 3 years ago and have built up approximately $10k in equity just by paying our mortgage every month (it was 100% financed with no down payment).

We have zero student debt (we worked through college) and have a net worth around $50k so far with $20k of that in 401k/retirement funds. The kicker? I am an executive recruiter for the construction industry. Unemployment is 25%+ in construction, yet I'm able to not only make a living, but increase my annual income every year for the past 4 on a 100% commission structure.

The bottom line is if you are willing to work hard, you'll never be out of a job. This chick has $100k in student loan debt? You can get an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill, one of the top MBA schools in the world, for only $90k. You haven't made $10k/yr since 2007? If you worked 40 hours/week at McDonalds you'd gross $15k+/year. Are you telling me you can't even land a job at McDonalds?

I believe this chick is the 99%--the 99% of the country that believes that they deserve something. The sense of entitlement my generation has is disgusting. Meanwhile, the rest of us in the 1% who find solutions instead of excuses and are successful are stuck paying for these idiots. By the way, this chick has a 3 month old child? You haven't made more than $10k in the past 4 years, you have $100k in student debt, presumably don't have employer sponsored health insurance since you aren't working full time and you decided to get knocked up 12 months ago and have a kid? At what point did you think that was a good idea?

-Jeremy (not the 99%)