Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Chuck the union

I've been out of it for the past couple of weeks as I've been busy getting all of my firm's last minute compliance work finished before the 10/31 deadline.

None the less, for all the clamoring about how Walmart is hostile to unions.... maybe someone should tell the workers.

Workers at a Wal-Mart in Gatineau, Que., are officially decertified from their union after just more than a year with their first collective agreement.

Quebec's Labour Relations Commission removed the more than 150 workers, who are employed at a store on du Plateau Boulevard in the city's Hull sector, from their union.

The Wal-Mart workers first joined the union, United Food and Commercial Workers Canada, in 2008. Then after two years of unsuccessful negotiations between the union and Wal-Mart, an arbitrator enforced a collective agreement in the summer of 2010.

"This follows an application made by our Hull associates earlier this year to decertify the union at their store," said Andrew Pelletier, Wal-Mart's vice president of corporate affairs and sustainability.

"Wal-Mart respects the decision of our Hull associates. They have made their views clear in this matter."


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