Thursday, November 03, 2011

Why you should vote yes on Ohio Issue 2

It use to be that public employees sacrificed pay and benefits for job security. Now they get it all.........

Since January 1985, the Batavia school board has paid 100 percent of its teachers’ contributions to their retirement.

Contracts approved by Cincinnati City Council include benefits that, among other things, permit many workers to draw 13 sick days a year, grant three weeks’ worth of compensatory time to public safety employees for holidays whether they work them or not, and entitle veteran police officers to nearly 10 weeks of various leaves annually.

In Butler County, sheriff’s deputies can earn a $200 per year physical fitness incentive based on how fast they can run a mile and how many pushups and sit ups they can do. There are different standards based on age and gender.

The public employee contracts in Cincinnati and the counties of Hamilton, Butler, Clermont and Warren, their municipalities and the state are laced with lucrative provisions, all approved by our elected representatives – township trustees, county commissioners, city councils – but seldom found in the private sector.


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Anonymous said...

Even if you are in a public union it would be in your best interest to vote yes on Issue 2.

Unfortunately Issue 2 looks like it will go down in flames. As a result, I predict the money quote in 2012 will be, "Congrats Mr. Young Union guy on winning the right for Mr. Old Union Guy to keep his status quo at all costs. Abiding by the law you supported requires you to be fired. Your selfless compassion is highly commendable."