Friday, June 29, 2012

The Public needs an education............

So it's our civic duty to Go Galt. At least through the election.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my public employee relatives started whining about Scott Walker and his attacks on public employees.

He also tried to pass off the Obama canard that unemployment was high because of layoffs in the public sector.

I tried to give him an education in basic economics that there can be no public employees of any kind without private commerce to generate the money to fund it.

For instance, if a deserted island were suddenly inhabited by a 100 people, is a cop, fire fighter or teacher the first employee needed? Of course not. Those services can only be paid for once someone has some property to protect and income to pay for the service. And that can only happen when someone can provide a service or good to a consumer for less than the consumer can do it for themselves..

As a result, I think the public needs an education as to how an economy works.

So I'm calling for everyone in this country to Go Galt!

What is that?

Let's just say that between now and the election, everyone defer purchases they would like to have but not necessarily need.

In our household, my wife wants a bathroom built into my "mancave". I've told her we can do whatever she wants as long as it happens after the election.

I want a cap for my pickup bed. Not something I need and can easily defer through the election. When we go out, I'm forgoing alcohol.

My office could use a couple of new computers and the plumbing needs replaced. December sounds like a good month to do that.

If you want a new car or TV but the old one will do for a few more months, just wait.

It's not like we'd ruin the economy. Consider it a Cash for Clunkers in reverse. Instead of front loading consumption like the cash for clunkers program; we're simply deferring it.

Let's assume everyone in the country does this, who do you think gets hurt the most? Warren Buffett, George Soros or your average working stiff?

Of course, a typical liberal will try to say we're trying to destroy our economy because we're racist, sexist etc. To which we can easily respond that we're simply reducing our carbon footprints.

So pass this post around to your friends and family and let's get the party started and see if the public can catch the drift.

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