Thursday, October 04, 2012

My take

I don't watch debates. If I want people to lie to me, I'll call my ex wife. None the less,  I enjoy reading and hearing other people's take on the debates.

One of my clients who is a very discouraged republican told me he really felt that watching Romney was like watching an old Reagan clip.

Many of the writers have ripped Obama for his flat finish.

Let me offer this take on Obama. He's used to reading prepared text off of teleprompters in friendly environments. As a narcissist, he thrives on the adulation. He's had how many press conferences in the past four years? Few. His toughest media questions have come from Joy Behar?

The only tough questions he's received in the past four years has been from Univision and you know how that went.

And here he is wondering why Jim Lehrer is not genuflecting and protecting him from the big bad Rominator.

As I've said for years, liberals do their candidate no favors by being repeatedly soft on them.

I've got a bunch of nieces and nephews in the 1-10 year old range. Many of these kids have been told that they are wonderful from the time that they been able to hear. You should watch the behavior of these kids when confronted with adversity for the first time.

The only difference between these kids and Obama is that Obama knows he can't cry anymore.

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