Friday, December 14, 2012

When will we learn?

I've been listening to the details on the Connecticut shootings and, to date, all I know is that this was the work of a 24 year old punk.

Let me fill in the rest of this profile and let's see how much of this rings true.

1) This kid was probably never spanked
2) He probably played in soccer games where they didn't keep score
3) He probably grew up in a family with no church attendance
4) He was probably a product of a society where everyone was all about his self esteem but he never learned how to deal with any of life's failures.
5) Finally, he probably ran into a stressor in life (a break up, a job loss, a foreclosure, or some other life failure) where he was so ill prepared to deal with any set back that this one probably felt apocalyptic.

And, of course, the media will eventually glorify this punk by endlessly repeating his name so that he'll die in some sort of screwed up infamy.


Anonymous said...

Great work! Seeing as you're wrong just about every one of your five points, let me diagnose the profile of Mr. "gordon gekko" of the taxman blog.

1) He is a latent homosexual who wastes most of his mental energy repressing his sexuality, and who projects all the rage resulting from his self-loathing on the rest of the world.

2) He blindly believes most of what is reported on FOX Jews Network (even though Rupert Murdochstein knows that most of his "news" is bollocks).

3) He thinks that Barack Obama is worse than Lucifer, Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson combined. (Also he is a Marxist commie pinko socialist Muslim born in Kenyan Indonesia.)

4) He *claims* to be anti-abortion, pro-gun, fiscally conservative, and for states' rights. However, he would sooner vote for Josef Dzhugashvili than Ron Paul. (Which admittedly may be explained by his Israel-first stance, his general refusal to spit the Neocon dick out of his mouth, and committment to other neocon causes such as the federal war on drugs.)

gordon gekko said...

It continues to amaze me that anti Semites like yourself, pollute the democratic party and yet the Jewish population continues to align themselves with douches like you.

Redintheface said...

@Gordon Gekko,

You probably need to do at least SOME research before making pronouncements like this.

gordon gekko said...

Hi! My name is gordon gekko of the taxmanblog and I am the biggest fucking faggot in Texas. In fact I actually beat Chuck Norris in a Gayest Cowboy in Texas contest.