Sunday, January 13, 2013

The gun quiz

1) The most deadly US school spree killing occurred in Bath Michigan. The killer used what weapon to kill his victims.
   a) a machete
   b) a Sig Sauer 9mm
   c) an AR 15
   d) a bomb

2) When the federal government decided to increase air marshals on flights, they armed them with
   a) nail clippers
   b) hand guns
   c) bricks
   d) breast pumps

3) The secret service protects the Obama children with
   a) spatulas
   b) Timex watches
   c) guns
   d) microwave popcorn

4) When the colonists kicked the British out of the future US, they did so using the following weapons
   a) vodka
   b) guns
   c) space heaters
   d) refrigerators

5) When Ohio extended its concealed carry law to allow permit holders to carry in bars (two years ago), opponents predicted how many homicides from having all those guns in bars.
   a) 0
   b) 12
   c) 100
   d) more than Chicago

6) How many actual homicides have been committed by concealed carry holder in bars
   a) 0
   b) 12
   c) 100
   d) more then Chicago

7) Prohibition has stop the importation of what illegal contraband
   a) Cuban cigars
   b) heroin
   c) blood diamonds
   d) guns
   e) none of the above

8) In the infamous Luby's spree killing, Suzanna Hupp followed the law and left what weapon in her car that might have stopped the spree shooter who didn't follow the law

   a) a banana
   b) a pocket knife
   c) her .38
   d) an Elvis cassette

9) In most (probably all) states, it is illegal to shoot another person intentionally. These laws have stopped how many people from intentionally shooting another person
   a) 0
   b) 12
   c) 100
   d) more than Chicago

10) Concealed carry permit holders are responsible for how many of these spree killings.
   a) 0
   b) 12
   c) 100
   d) more than Chicago

11) Concealed carry permit holders have killed how many people in a spree killing crossfire
   a) 0
   b) 12
   c) 100
   d) more than Chicago

12) If you wanted to set the record for the most kills by a psychopath, your best opportunity would be at
   a) an NRA convention
   b) your local police station
   c) your local unarmed elementary school
   d) your local target range

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