Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Media Mythology continues

On my way in to work this morning, I heard a media member still extolling the virtues of another cyclist caught cheating.

Apparently, this cyclist (who I won't name on this blog since it only satisfies his megalomania), confessed to Oprah about his PED use.

For the record, I never bought into his mythology. His fame and fortune came at the expense of many careers he ruined along the way including Frankie & Betsy Andreu, Greg Lemond, among hundreds of others.

The Media built this excrement of a human being for their feel good story and they should take responsibility for his megalomania.

At least one writer has...............

I called him a hero, using typically defiant and outspoken language. There were millions who felt the same way. But none of these millions had the power of the printed word like I did.

I did not know at that point how serious the allegations were. I did not know about the statements taken under oath in which former teammates accused him of coercion when it came to blood doping. I did not know about the alleged techniques he masterminded to beat the testing system for the use of illegal performance enhancers. None of that came to light until last October.

It is not a sufficient excuse. Enough good journalists out there had written about the terrible side of Lance Armstrong. When the editor of Outside magazine, Alex Heard, tweeted that I had made an ass of myself, my response was arrogant and flippant.

My cover story about Lance Armstrong, my affirmation of faith, was the worst piece of opinion I have ever written. I did a disservice to myself. More important I did a disservice to readers. I did believe what I wrote at the time. I do believe in staking out strong positions. We all do as columnists today, because of the world we live in, craving to differentiate ourselves from the thousands who populate the Internet every hour.

For the record, I'm going to guess that this "journalist" voted for Barack Obama.

One of the media myths regarding this clown's 7 tour wins is the overlooked fact that most of those came after the sport gave lifetime bans to more than thirty of the sport's top cyclists.

He never would have won his first if those guys would have been allowed to compete. But the media simply ignored it for whatever feel good reason.

If the media wanted to make things right with the lives this douche bag ruined, they would simply ignore this ass for the rest of his life and never give him a platform to voice his excrement again.


Anonymous said...

Do you think he should be in the Cycling Hall of Fame?

gordon gekko said...

I've never been to the cycling hall of fame and nor do I intend to.

They can admit Mickey Mouse for all I care.